Hobart 4346 Mixer Grinder MPM reconditioned equipment
Hobart 4346 Meat Grinder

Product Description

Hobart 4346 Mixer Grinder

The Hobart 4346 Mixer Grinder is a compact self-feeding meat grinder that will mix and grind or mix only fresh meat trimmings or tempered (above 24°F) frozen flaked or 1-1⁄4″ x 1-1⁄4″ sticks.

It is ideal for producing sausage products as well as ground beef.

All parts of the 4346 that have direct contact with the product are easily removed or readily cleaned in place. Smooth contours permit thorough cleaning for maintaining a sanitary operation.

Inner dimensions: 27-1/2 in. L x 23 in. W x 29 in. H.
7.5 hp, 208 V, 1,725 rpm., 208/60/3
Overall dimensions:
40 in. L x 26 in. W x 67 in. H.


  • Hobart designed and built motor
  • 7-1⁄2 HP
  • Ventilated flange mounted with grease packed ball bearings.

Electrical controls

  • Hobart designed waterproof magnetic START and STOP rocker switches
  • Two magnetic contactors for reversing feature
  • Solid state motor protection system that prevents excessive motor temperature
  • Safety interlock switch for hopper guard
  • 115 V.A.C. pilot circuit transformer
  • Air heater to deter internal condensation in control box


  • Single reduction, hardened helical gears, oil lubricated
  • Thrust from the grinder worm is taken by a large tapered roller bearing mounted in gear case
  • Double lip seal prevents loss of oil or entrance of moisture
  • Mixing arm is driven by a roller chain from the main unit


  • Meat capacity of up to 215 pounds for first grind, depending on type of product
  • Grinding rate of 55 to 60 pounds of fresh boneless beef per minute
  • First or second cutting through a 1⁄8″ plate — 60 to 65 pounds of pork per minute
  • First cut through a 3⁄4″ plate and 55 to 60 pounds of pork per minute second cut, (after 3⁄4″ breaker plate) through a 3⁄16″ plate
  • Frozen meat must be tempered to 24°F or higher, and can be in flake or 11⁄4″ x 11⁄4″ stick form

Grinding End

  • Equipped with a #46 grinding end which includes a heavily tinned, cast iron cylinder, adjusting ring, and worm

Feeding System

  • Grinder worm, rotating at 222 RPM, extends the length of the cylinder and hopper, and automatically feeds the meat into the grinder cylinder
  • When the control is set on MIX/GRIND, the worm and mixing arm operate; when set on MIX ONLY, the mixing arm rotates in opposite direction

Mixing Arm

  • Thorough mixing is accomplished by a heavily tinned steel mixing arm


  • Electrical interlock switch is provided for operator safety


  • Standard legs with casters (9-3⁄8″—12-3⁄8″) provide 22-3⁄4″ to 25-3⁄4″clearance between floor and lowest point on adjusting ring


  • Stainless steel hopper, tinned deflector and mixing arm
  • Tinned cast iron cylinder, adjusting ring and worm
  • Stainless steel hopper guard, motor shroud and rear panel
  • Base assembly is galvanized

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Hobart Meat Grinder 4346

All parts of the Hobart Mixer Grinder 4346 that have direct contact with the product are easily removed or readily cleaned in place. Check MPM for more used equipment from great brands.


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